Hi, I'm Philip Spence, a London based artist, web and graphics designer. Educated with a BSc degree in Cybernetics and Virtual Worlds and armed with a passion for creativity.

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Should you wish to contact me about a job or for any other infomation then send an email to info@philipspence.com Close


Web Design

I have over 6 years commercial experience, with a belief and expertise in accessible and usable websites. Not only can I design websites from conception and design but see it through to completion writing clean code using HTML5 and CSS3 alongside developing advanced features in PHP. I don't believe in reinventing the wheel, to that end I'm also skilled at JQuery for JavaScript and AJAX, Drupal for large scale social networks and Wordpress for blogging/small scale CMS sites. Close


I have a firm belief in creating accessible and usable websites, both to government and W3C standards which degrade gracefully so that websites can be viewed across all platforms from computer, tablet to mobiles.

Working for London Gifted & Talented I was part of the team which won The e-learning age Public Sector Team of the Year award in 2007. Close

Web Portfolio

Web Design Portfolio


//Delius (Design & Build)

Delius screenshot

Built for EMI and the Delius Society while working at WLP. Designed around a scrolling 1 page website making advanced use of HTML5 (based on boilerplate) and CSS3, while making sure the site gracefully degrades down to lower-end browsers.

//Arkiv Facebook page (Design & Build)

Arkiv Facebook Page screenshot

Arkiv needed to improve their social presense. WLP re-vamped the facebook page creating a fan-gated page that once liked gives the user extra content. Using XHMTL, CSS and jQuery.

//John Wilson Orchestra (Build only)

John Wilson Orchestra screenshot

A team project at WLP for EMI Classics, with roles split 3 ways between Wordpress/CMS, design and build. Built using HTML5/CSS coding.

//Superhero (Front/Back End Build only)

Superhero screenshot

Converting supplied photoshop visuals into a full scale website with Wordpress CMS. Built in XHTML, CSS, PHP and Wordpress.

//Tia & Anda (Design & Build)

Tia & Anda screenshot

Designed to showcase luxury scrubs and lotions for Tia & Anda. Built in HTML5, jQuery and CSS.

//The Gilbert Scott (Build only)

The Gilbert Scott screenshot

Marcus Wareings' new restaurant The Gilbert Scott had its website built around a Wordpress CMS. This was a team job while at WLP where I did the HTML5/CSS build along with some of the Wordpress integration (PHP) and the AJAX/jQuery.

//IHT Android Banners (Design & Build)

IHT Android Banners

A mixture of static and Flash banners for The International Herald Tribune. These banners advertising their Android App have been designed in a variety of sizes to be displayed on their website.

//Look Like a Record Breaker (Design only)

Guinness World Records screenshot

Built for Guinness World Records as a promotional site for the 2010 book with WLP. Users can upload a photo that is transformed to look like a Record Breaker which is then shared with friends via Twitter, Facebook and email.

//RPO de-Flash (Build only)

RPO screenshot

Converting the RPO's homepage carousel and rotating header images from Flash to HTML/jQuery so the site is viewable in mobile and tablet devices along with improving SEO. The carousel is custom built to ensure clean code and flexibility.

//Viva Domingo (Build only)

Viva Domingo screenshot

Built for EMI while working at WLP. Predominantly coding all the jQuery interactions and ensuring the site is fully functioning on touch screen devices such as iPad.

//EMI Series (Design & Front End Build)

EMI Series screenshot

This section of EMI CLassics was built around a Flash Coverflow plugin. When clicking on a cover image within Flash it will AJAX load the required album series onto the HTML page. Flash/HTML design and build to be easily implemented into the sites CMS.

//Race Online 2012 (Design only)

Race Online 2012 screenshot

Freelance work on behalf of Public Zone. Race Online is aimed at businesses to help get all of Britain digitally connected by 2012. Co-designed with another designer, based on wireframes and key graphical elements (logo & colour scheme). End result was photoshop designs of each key page ready for developers.

//Stag & Dagger (Build only)

Stag & Dagger screenshot

Freelance work for VICE. Stag & Dagger is a 2 day festival in London and Glasgow. Built as a Wordpress theme using XHTML, CSS, PHP and Cufon for custom fonts.

//The Old Blue Last (Build only)

The Old Blue Last screenshot

Built for VICE from Photoshop files. The Old Blue Last site was creating using XHTML, CSS and jQuery.

//VICE MP3 Player

VICE MP3 Player screenshot

As part of my work for VICE, I created this Flash MP3 player, using AS2 and XML.

//The Specials (design only)

The Specials screenshot

The Specials is an online docu-soap, winning 2 Webby awards in 2010. Design only, specifically for a Drupal site using Photoshop.

//Holborn Community Association

Holborn Community Association screenshot

Holborn Community Association provides a range of core services and special projects to the community in central London. This project covered design through to development using XHTML, CSS and PHP.

//Ninja Bunny

Ninja Bunny screenshot

Designed for myself, Ninja Bunny is a regular webcomic with several thousand readers a month. The website was built in Wordpress, using XHTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery with an intergrated shop using PayPal.

//Karrie Fransman

Karrie Fransman screenshot

Karrie Fransmans is a comic strip illustrator, this website was built in Wordpress with XHTML and CSS. Flash elements by Jon Plackett.

//Provence Property and Events

Provence Property and Events screenshot

Provence Property and Events project combined logo/brand design alongside the developement of an easy to maintain website. This project covered design through to development using XHTML, CSS and PHP.


Studentnet screenshot

Studentnet is a large scale socical website, designed for students who participated in LG&T events to share their creativity and knowledge. Developed on Drupal it features, blogs, forums, displays RSS feeds from a variety of news sources and intergrates into Flickr and YouTube services.

//Summer of Talent

Summer of Talent screenshot

Designed for LG&T as part of their Summer of Talent educational programme showcasing sports, film and art.

//LG&T Networks

LG&T Networks screenshot

LG&T ran a series of e-learning network websites developed in Drupal, allowing 800 teachers from around London to share ideas and resources on a varierty of subjects. The culmination of this lead to winning the e-Learning 'Team of the Year' award 2007.

//e-TASC (front end)

e-TASC screenshot

Redesign of e-TASC's HTML front end, containing turorial files and management sections.

Graphics Portfolio

Graphic Design

I have over 5 years commercial experience in graphics design, including a diploma in Graphics Skills from the University of the Arts London. Versed in using Photoshop, Illustrator, film and digital cameras and the good old pen and pencil I am able to create a wide range of design styles and able to translate them to both print and digital mediums.

Projects that I have worked on range from logo, package, character, concept/storyboard and booklet design. Close


Graphic Design Portfolio


//Snow Drops six sheet poster

Snowdrops Tube Poster

A six sheet poster designed for display in London Underground stations to promote the Booker Prize nominated Snow Drops, published by Atlantic Books.

//The Gilbert Scott postcard

The Gilbert Scott postcard design

Postcard design for The Gilbert Scott with a bar photo on the reverse. Taking elements from both the print and digital brand to create a design which crosses both.

//Wizard of Oz game concept and storyboarding

Wizard of Oz game concept

Concept, UI/design and storyboarding for an iPhone game to promote Andrew Lloyd Webber's Wizard of Oz theatre production.

//EMI Emotions Series character design

EMI Emotions Series character design

Character design while at WLP for EMI Classics to go with an compilation album series around emotions. The character had to use simple 'emoticon' style emotions to convey each theme, such as celebration. The characters square head and colour is based on the EMI logo.

//Holborn Community Association mascots

Holborn Community Association mascot designs

Captain Sucker, Bernard the bunny and Jojo as the results of a workshop I ran for the Holborn Community Association which encouraged children between 5-14 to create a mascot for them. Using bodyparts that I created the children cut, coloured and glued to create their designs. Captain Sucker and Jojo are two of the childrens designs, Bernard the bunny was my own example design.

//176 flyer

176, flyer

Done as a personal development project for 176, based on a PSDTUTS.

//We Bleed Colour

We Bleed Colour, poster

Done as a personal development project based on a PSDTUTS.

//Vault Dweller's Survival Perk Pack

PDF download, 1,632Kb

A free mod developed for the hit game Fallout 3, this pack contains 10 new graphical icons, some based on very old low resolution graphics from previous games, while others are completely new. Also developed for this mod was a downloadable PDF manual.

//Christmas card

Christmas Card design

For Christmas 2008 I designed and printed my own Christmas cards for close friends and family.

//Fox & Apple business card

Fox & Apple business card

As part of the Fox & Apple commision a reverse side design was needed for their business cards which featured the logo design on the front.

//REAL Booklet

REAL booklet

Design of the REAL Project, end of year 2 booklet. A 47 page document designed in Adobe InDesign.

//eLearning Poster

e-Learning Poster

LG&T ran a series of e-learning network websites which culminated in winning the e-Learning 'Team of the Year' award 2007, this poster was used as part of the presentation given during the award selection process.

//Summer of Talent Leaflet

Summer of Talent leaflet

To coincide with the Summer of Talent educational event, a flyer was created and sent out to every London school asking them to participate in the event, this was designed alongside the website to maintain a consistent identy.

//Network Icons

Network icons

During 2007–2008 LG&T ran a series of e-learning network websites used by over 800 teachers many of which are technological unaware, not knowing what a blog is, therefore friendly characters needs to be designed, each representing a different aspect of the curriculum such as maths, science, englishh, early years, level 5+, level 7+, e-TASC and Philosophy.